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Fairy Petal People

We have been making Fairy petal people from a kit by Klutz.

The kit comprises all the materials you need to make several petal people and a small book with instructions and ideas. The book gives instructions on how to make the basic body from the wire and then the rest is full of ideas of different things you could add to your fairy, there is a section on different hair styles and clothing and more.

This has been done very well, so you can use the booklet and make something, but it’s not fully prescriptive, and there is plenty of scope for imagination and creativity as to how the final fairy will look.

No special equipment is required, just a pair of scissors, and all the rest is included in the kit: wire, floss, beads, glue, petals etc. This is all adequate to make perfectly good fairies. If you wanted to embellish them further, you could use anything extra you have for crafts at home.

We have made at least 6 fairies from the kit, and a couple of them do have elaborate petal dresses, if you used less petals per fairy you could definitely make more, as there were left over beads for the heads.

This Klutz kit is going to be suitable from about aged 6 or 7 upwards, but be prepared to help with the first one, and then they are fairly easy to copy. Children at the younger end, 6ish may also need a bit more help with fiddly bits, like bending wire, or gluing beads etc.

The other advantage of this kit is once the glue is dried the fairies can be played with and used in lots of imaginative fairy games. They could be used in dolls houses, or you could display them in some way, on a shelf or make a mobile with them.

This fairy petal people kit is great for any time, but is especially great for a rainy day activity, or during school holidays. It would also make a lovely birthday or Christmas present, particularly if you are buying a gift for a girl that likes craft sets, and making things, or who just loves fairies.

This is an excellent kit and good value for money.