Monthly Archives: January 2012

French Numbers

Spontaneously this morning one of the child started counting in French. This then resulted in both children counting in French, as they sparked each others interest. 

Unable to remember some of the numbers, the children went to find this book from their bookshelf. We have it from when they have shown a previous interest in French. It has a page with the numbers 1 to 20 on it. It also contains a lot of other French words with colourful pictures, the children like the format of it and they can easily dip in and out of it to find what they want. 

Once they got to twenty they wanted to count on further, and while we as parents are more than capable of counting with them, they wanted other resources.

We found this on Youtube,  which the children found useful and enjoyed watching. However I must admit as an adult I found it a little dry, but it wasn’t for me so that didn’t matter. It served its purpose and answered their question of what are the numbers after 20 in French.

After French numbers they moved onto playing something else, probably moshi monster related! That was it, a small bite sized amount of self directed French learning.