Head Lice – up close and personal

Todays subject, head lice. Have you started scratching yet? 

But I’m going to approach this from a slightly different perspective. We had managed to escape ever having them until last weekend, when a hair wash and conditioner with a nitty gritty comb produced ‘things’ from my daughters hair. 

It was difficult to see what exactly I had got out my daughters hair, although I couldn’t think of what else they could be?! Although I wasn’t expecting it, as there was no scratching, no signs. I tried having a look with my son’s hand held microscope but this didn’t give a clear view. 

So yes we took photos! My husband has taken some great reverse lens macro photos before in a previous post. So he worked his magic, and we could then definitely confirm they were head lice. 

WARNING – The information and photo below may make a few of you go ewww. 

At this detail the head louse looked amazing, what turned out initially to be an annoyance, turned into a positive experience. 

Head Louse – reverse lens macro photo

We were all fascinated by the little creature that had been living in my daughters hair, even down to her blood it had been drinking that we could still see inside it. It sparked off great discussion and information finding about head lice.

After studying the head louse, attached to it as we had become, it was time to clear my daughter of the head lice. A combination of a nitty gritty comband Hedrinworked well. The whole family got treated just in case they were inhabiting anyone else’s head too! 

A surprising factor was how long they stay alive for! About an hour after removing it from my daughters head,  and after being submerged in water, they were still alive. So although it’s often not cited as being necessary, I did hot wash all bedding, hats etc… items that had been in contact with the hair just to try and prevent any re infestation from those items. 

2 thoughts on “Head Lice – up close and personal

  1. indreamworld

    Ewww! I'm itching and twitching just reading that!! My 8 yr old's class is terrible for having head lice lately, we're forever getting letters sent home that headlice are doing the rounds.I check every night, and he'll be completely free of them. Then go to school the next morning and he'll come home with one solitary lice that has clearly jumped from somewhere. Ick.NOT nice to look at that photo, making me shudder lol! :-)

  2. Fi

    Hi, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear your son keeps getting them too. Have you tried anything preventative? This is the first time we've had them. I had been spraying the hair with a water/tea tree oil solution every morning before school, but I got a bit forgetful doing it some mornings and then she gets head lice! Not sure if it was coincidence? I've gone back to using it daily again. Some people aren't sure it works, but I think it may have helped avoid it this long.


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