Beach highs and lows – pop goes the muscle!

It was beautiful weather again today, sunny, warm, just perfect for the beach. I checked the tide times, I always use this site, as it’s quick to use, free, and you don’t have to register. I wasn’t sure how much sand there would still be, but we thought we would head down and see anyway. 

The tide was still quite a way out, and there was lots of sand. The beach was also pretty much deserted, apart from a couple of passing dog walkers and seagulls, we had the beach to ourselves. We are so lucky to live here.

The children entertained themselves with a variety of activities, paddling, jumping the waves, digging with their hands (we forgot the spades!) 

One of the last activities my daughter did was sprinting along the waters edge, I thought that looks fun and joined her! We went one way, and after a short break to get my breath, we set off back. I was halfway back when I felt a pop and a searing pain in my right calf, which stopped me. Somehow, including bottom shuffling up the shingle bank, and singing through the pain, we all made it back home. 

Thankfully it wasn’t my achilles, it was further up my calf. I think it’s a strained medial gastrocnemius, So I’ve spent the rest of the day with it elevated, regular icing, arnica, ibuprofen, paracetamol, and I found a tubigrip that I had from previous knee surgery so I’ve put that on the affected leg too. I did consider A&E but pretty sure they would have done nothing more except maybe give me a pair of crutches 

Still in quite some pain, hobbling around and hoping that tomorrow is another day and it will feel a lot better. Only time will tell. Despite the ending we all had a fab time at the beach, and enjoyed making more memories. 

Oh and I’ve learnt that being a bit overweight, unfit, in my late 30s I really shouldn’t be trying to sprint with my daughter!! 

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