A variety of PC games!!

So today started with a game of supreme commander on the pc. Since we cobbled together another pc with a couple of new parts to use the TV as a monitor, the children have enjoyed playing various pc games together.

More minecraft for J,  his current passion.  So he’s updated to minecraft 1.5. but waiting for mods to catch up now! J loves mods so he’s playing the old minecraft versions with the mods he loves as well.

So today two that he’s used are, clay soldiers mod – good for making your own battle arena, and nice looking clay soldier characters apparently.

Also dr. zharks mo creatures mod – which adds in lots of animals, more food and weapons and lots of other stuff. This lead to a conversation about difference between leather and hides and tanneries. As both types of armour were available and we wanted to look at the difference.

He fed horses apples, so they became pets. He made one the same as the horse he rides in his ‘real life’  horse riding lessons, and a black one he named Black Bess, after Dick Turpins supposed horses name, which was actually a myth we discovered.

Minecraft is amazing. J can play on it for ages everyday and he can do different things, build and design different places. Play with his friends, sister, and/or dad. So cooperative and individual play. Also it’s led to lots of different discussions about ‘real life’ things.

Meanwhile S inspired by watching Great British Menu, and Masterchef this week, has decided she wants to cook us a 3 course meal. She’s devised a menu and we brought a few bits in the local village yesterday. Today she’s been refining it further and started writing menus. She’s planning on cooking it on Sunday.

Yesterday we got S a mirror for her room. A bargain from the charity shop at
£2. Today she’s been using it to practise her love of make up (Yes she is 8!) She decided to try out her blusher as eyeshadow just because. A pretty peachy pink.
Her love of make up has been there a couple of months now. It ebbs and flows, I’ve given her some of my old make up, blusher, lipstick that the colour didn’t suit and a bag to put it in. She got a trio of lip glosses for Xmas. Plus she brought herself mascara and red nail varnish with pocket money. I decided I know she’s young but she’s experimenting. If I said no, why would that be? Yes I’m her parent. But ultimately I don’t see it as harmful and make up wearing isn’t something I want to push underground. Much rather work through it with her. So I found some you tube links on make up application.

Other things from today include more pc use playing movie star planet together. The dress up game being a favourite. Followed by a sudden interest in club penguin, after not having played for months. Creating new penguins and the advertisement of a rainbow puffle!

An interest in Phineas and Ferb on TV led to me ordering some phineas and Feb books for S.

Early start tomorrow for J, he’s off to London for a father/son day. Leaving me and S and the pups here at home.

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