Big bang fair – London 2013

Early start for J and Stu today. They headed off for the Big Bang Fair in London. A free event, which is always a bonus, about science and engineering. There were shows you could book but we seemed to miss those as they were already full but there was plenty to see just on the show floor.

The train only cost £8 as Stu already has a season ticket for London anyway.The trip also included the underground, which Jake was looking forward to.

So they got to see an eagle, which was real I can assure you but looks like a statue in the photo!

J got to drive a jeep over different terrain.

J and Stu spent most of there time in the technology section, and were both very interested in the 3d printer.

On the way home they popped into china town, and I benefitted from 2 tins of wasabi peas, a favourite treat of mine.

They said it was a good event, with hands on things to do. Definitely worth a trip to London for.

Meanwhile Sophie was busy on club penguin, and as she was getting back into it, I signed her up for a months membership.

We had a food shopping delivery, the ingredients for Sophie’s ice cream for her 3 course meal arrived. So we made ice cream. She had thought up a new combination of blackcurrant and toffee. We use an ice cream maker, lent to us very kindly by my mum. We use the basic recipe in the booklet that came with the maker and then adapt it to our own flavours.

So 1 small tin of condensed milk, 300ml of single cream, then we added blackcurrant hi juice squash to taste, and smashed up treacle toffee 100g. Stick it in the ice cream maker. So blackcurrant and toffee ice cream made ready for the 3 course meal tomorrow.

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