Aldi Excitement

With the children away, I decided to make a trip to Aldi, I’d love to go more often but it’s just too far away for me to do regularly. I find it so much cheaper, it’s just a 20/25 minute drive away.  A boot full of food later, cupboards, fridge and freezer all stocked up. I also brought lots of chocolate ready to make Easter eggs, big and small with S when she gets back,  we’ve already brought some moulds from Lakeland.

The economy savings, slightly outweighed by the non food items that find their way into the trolley too. Today I ended up with a door mat, Easter  bits,  seeds, and some tulips. Two bunches that compliment the newly painted walls in the dining room.
Home for the afternoon, where I noticed that Elizabeth the chicken was being a lot more vocal, she was also walking around and kept squatting. A bit of research on the internet later and it looks like she may be preparing to lay. That would be nice, we can’t wait until we get our first egg. She is the biggest chicken, and has the biggest reddest comb and wattle of the three of them. She’s a skyline, so has about an 80% chance of having blue eggs. Can’t wait to see if we are in that 80%.

By the power of technology, the children have their tablets with them at granny and grandads and must have sorted out wifi codes etc.. My children are very technology literate, J has probably surpassed my knowledge in this area already! He’s always sorting out minecraft mods, downloads, and combinations on the pc. and it all comes naturally to him. Anyway, I had an email last night from S titled love, and in it she told me she’d been bowling and had got 2 strikes. Bedtime phone calls are no longer, email and skype seem to be the current favourite.

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