Butter wouldn’t melt

Well the children are still staying with their granny and grandad. After the initial splurges of contact from them I haven’t heard from them for 24 hours now. Guessing everything is good.

So I had plans in my head, sort everything out, yes everything!!! That’s how my brain works. I have been told I try to do much, what I can actually get done isn’t realistic and then I get fed up and frustrated. I had one of those days today.

A combination of too higher expectations and the result of two, yes two 7 month old puppies, one of which is currently in season. There is a common theme to their days, well kind of,  but also every day is different.

So the one in season has taken to being completely distracted in the garden, ‘forgets’ to do her business out there however long you stand out there with her! Then, that’s right comes back in and does a wee on the floor, and she walks and wees spreading it everywhere! There’s been 2 of those today.The rest of the time she’s been fine.
The other one has being angsty, pacing, whining, barking, and generally unsettled. We think there is a theme that she misses my husband when he’s not at home. Mainly because when my husband is here she is far more settled.
They’re now curled up either side of me asleep. Long may they stay that way! Cute, cuddly and lovely when asleep. Of course I love them but some days are tough, and today was one of them!

Tomorrow the children will be back, but maybe not till late. Husband works from home tomorrow, so I’m going to crack on, and get ‘stuff’ done!

I need to try and be more positive in myself. I’m struggling at the minute with a variety of ‘symptoms’ of generally feeling crappy. I’ve been to the dr.s before with the same kind of thing, My thyroid has always been alright, well all my bloods really. I’m generally fatigued and a bit low, general aches and pains, muscle cramps, headaches…… I’m pretty sure I’m not actually depressed.

I just feel overwhelmed, which is hardly surprising, 2 puppies who we’ve had since October. Both of which have already had their first season. This has created mud, mud, and more mud, every time they go out in the garden. Plus 2 children who are home educated, they’re easy in comparison to the puppies!! I love home educating, facilitating them, it just keeps me busy! Then a very supportive husband, who thankfully woks from home 1 day a week, but the rest of the week isn’t really here due to being out the house 14 hours+ a day.

Ok reading that back, it’s not surprising I’m tired actually. So I brought some vitamin D3 supplements today to try and help. I’m sure I’m not alone in struggling this winter? Just seems to have been so long and dark. I’ve also been looking at SAD lights but I’m not sure I have 30-60mins to sit next to one. I don’t generally sit for any length of time in a day unless I’m driving somewhere!       Plus quite a lot of money for something that may or may not work.?

Anyway so in an attempt to be more positive

I  ordered the dye to dye the curtains in the room we’re decorating.

I ordered some vit D3

I’m going to have a takeaway, wine, and watch tv with husband

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