Chocolate eggs

Today the children awoke here for the first time in several days. It was nice to have the hustle, bustle and busyness back. The puppies preferred it too, they were much more tolerable with extra strokes and training from extra people.

S wanted to make chocolate eggs today. We already had the moulds, purchased from Lakeland and I bulk brought chocolate, white, milk and dark, from Aldi earlier in the week. So we we’re all set.

For a first attempt we were very pleased. We only used the small moulds today, producing white, milk and plain little eggs. We even tried a bit of detail on a few of them, putting a bit of dark in first before we filled with white etc.

We’d brought some gift bags from Lakeland too. Sophs filled some for a couple of local friends, and for her grandparents. We then took a trip to the post office this afternoon to post one to her granny and grandad she’s just stayed with.

This morning, with very prompt arrival my dye for the curtains has arrived. Following decorating the dining room, rather than buy new curtains I decided to try dyeing the ones we had. I wanted them a similar deep red colour to the walls. So as the curtains are a light brown, mushroomy, fawn colour, I brought a bright red dye in an attempt to get a deep red colour. I’ve brought iDye True red, they are currently in the washing machine. I will give you my verdict tomorrow.

Looking forward to a 4 day weekend with Stu around, plus quite a lot planned for the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow a visit from the children’s other grandparents who are coming for a roast, and family day with us. First time they will have met the chickens too, which will be interesting considering my mother has a bird phobia, how close will she get??

Also today the children have played club penguin, minecraft and supreme commander 2 on the pc. We’ve been into the village, and the library is still not finished being renovated, and then we headed home via the park. When my fingers turned pink and wouldn’t move we headed home, I forgot my gloves!!. A playful bath, with proper hair washes and conditioning to combat the tangles, so they smell all lovely of lush now. Blues skies and fluffy white clouds to be precise! I love patchouli.



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