Family Time

So my parents drove to visit us today. It was lovely to see them. Stu cooked a lovely roast beef with all the trimmings and I’d made mum a leek, potato and lentil cheesy bake, as sole vegetarian at the meal.

A sharing of family news and showing of photos of what we’ve been up to. Mum and dad always bring a newspaper, they like their daily newspaper. It’s a novelty for S and J as we don’t get one. J helped them with the crossword, and S read an article about cats and ‘cat nav’

Following the roast, we had a family game of tri-ominos, my dad won twice. Practical maths in action, particularly when J started adding negative numbers! Something he’s never actually been ‘taught’. We love the game.
Mum looked at the chickens, she declined going out to see them, but she will eat the eggs when they arrive! She doesn’t like birds of any kind, a bit of ¬†a phobia really.

The puppies settled eventually. Nina eventually took treats from mum and dad, although was a little wary at first. ¬†Treacle barks, partly because she’s nervous, partly because she wants attention, and even she gets confused ! She finally settled, and more! Laid on her back getting tummy rubs off everyone.


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