Perfect Sunday, except it’s Saturday, yay.

Another cold day, but sunny for a while. Always welcoming of sunshine. I’ve held back on the gardening so far, not much planting has gone on yet, too cold.

It was chicken clean out day today, nice fresh bedding for them. We’ve had them over a month now, so they will be approx. 20 weeks old now. Still no eggs, but they’ve all grown, Elizabeth is really quite big now with a big reddish comb, I’m sure it can’t be too long before she lays now. Next is twilight, who is a fair size and red comb but it’s not that big. Lastly Evie, the smallest, with a small comb that’s only just starting to go darker pink. I will have to get some current photos, last ones were a couple of weeks ago now, and I think they’ve changed since then. This one from a couple of weeks ago.
A family game of Risk, perfect for Sunday afternoon, except it’s only Saturday, great result. Loving the 4 day weekend. A surprisingly short game of risk! It normally takes us more than 1 day,  to complete, Stu won.  Lots of conversations sparked off while playing, spotting Japan on the board, led to talk of tsunamis, talk of bayonets, discussions about the fact our game had come from Los Angeles, years before the children were born. Plus lots more besides.
Excitement about the Easter bunny arriving tomorrow. Yes the children ‘know’, but S particularly will ‘believe’ in everything for ever, she loves the magic of it all. We have yellow bunny ears specially brought to be worn during the hunt tomorrow.

An evening of TV, family watching The Cube.  Remembering to change the clocks that need changing, for the spring forward of clocks tonight.  Overall a very relaxing day. See you tomorrow.

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