Happy Easter – a day of eggs!

Happy Easter

Today has gone on for ever it seems, so much has happened. One of those days where we have naturally covered so much. Plus a few surprises on the way!

We started off the day with an Easter egg hunt round the garden, which seems to have become tradition for the past couple of years.  Wearing bunny ears and an Easter bag to collect the chocolate loot.
Later morning and S comes down from her room having written herself a timetable and wants to do maths.
Digging a workbook off the shelf she wanted to do. She worked through it with Stu. This hasn’t been the norm in our home educating world lately, the winter has been hibernating, autonomous learning. Seems as the sun and spring arrive the children want a little more structure, at least for this week!

A bit of minecraft, involving  S and J  making a village, with shops. J has made the co-op, filling the shelves and making a working conveyor belt for the checkout. Using feed the beast,  minefactory reloaded and using the conveyor belt block apparently! His knowledge of minecraft is vast.
I went out to garden in the sunshine, bitterly cold, but sunshine nonetheless  I was clearing weeds mainly, and top dressing the blueberries with some fresh ericaceous  compost. I’m hoping for a better crop of blueberries this year.

While I was gardening, the children wanted to do some drawing with Stu, he drew a gorilla.
S did a lady next to an electric fan that’s billowing her skirt. She loves skirts that billow and flare out when you spin.
Plus a box with stars, she was trying out drawing cubes and then decorated it.
J got frustrated, it’s been a while since he has drawn and despite wanting to, it didn’t quite go how he wanted. So no pictures of J drawing was allowed!

Mid afternoon we had a surprise, Stu was about to take the puppies to the park. As he was about to go out the patio  door, we all looked out and there was a surprise, and a puzzled looking chicken on the patio in front of us! An egg! She really looked like it had taken her by surprise.

So the first of our chickens  to lay an egg, Elizabeth the proud layer! She’s a skyline. We brought them just over 4 weeks ago from martins wood farm, their website is great for information about all the chickens they offer.


The colour of her egg was the surprise, as skylines have an 80% chance of laying blue eggs, and we were in that lucky 80%. Elizabeth’s egg was blue, S was so pleased.

The only slight problem with Elizabeth laying the egg directly onto the patio, it got a cracked end, which you can see in the photos

After we got over the surprise, Stu, the children, and the puppies headed to the local park and I carried on gardening, there is a lot to do! I’m so looking forward to the garden being full of colour again, and our own produce.

This evening, Stu has been working with the children to create their own minecraft server. They’re just getting it up, and trying it out at the minute, currently all three of them are playing together. While I sit and type the highlights of our day,cuddling up to the puppies on the sofa.



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